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  • 6 Tips to a Great Selfie (& Attracting More Prospects)

    You probably know that your Contact At Once! chat drop-in invitations are customizable (or you do now!). But what kind of images do you use with them? Take a look and ask yourself: “Do those pictures represent our community’s brand?” If your pictures are stiff or look more like a stock photo than a real […]

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  • Cultivate Fans Online, Not Frustration

    While one source says more than 70% of renters start their apartment search online (likely more), that doesn’t mean a hands-off approach for your team. In fact, 83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase. With something as important as an apartment lease, that need can only increase. There’s opportunity here for you […]

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  • 4 Ways to Remove Connection Barriers for Online Prospects

    Google calls it a “multi-screen world.” And with at least over half of consumers using multiple devices to accomplish a task (say, searching for an apartment), it’s no wonder that responsive website design is all the rage. Everyone’s focused on creating a site that adapts to the screen and is easy to navigate on computer, […]

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  • 3 Building Blocks for a Community’s Online Success

    If your community doesn’t have an online presence by this point, you must have a secret marketing technique that’s worth billions. Even back in 2010, the Internet was twice as popular as any other method of searching for an apartment. But having an online presence and using that presence to increase leads and occupancy are […]

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  • What’s Your 2014 Texting Plan?

    With the move toward mobile everything, it’s probably smart to implement texting for your community. Text-based communication is fast, convenient…and probably already used by your team, prospects and residents. After all, Nielsen says 94% of us own mobile phones in the U.S., and about 86% text with them. Even people with *gasp* flip phones send […]

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  • New Text Regulations: What Communities Need to Know

    Texting is a rising star in the multifamily industry. It’s convenient and efficient for everyone involved. In fact, Mogreet says 97% of texts are opened within 3 minutes vs. 22% of emails! But texting is a tool your community has to use wisely…and that means staying compliant with industry best practices and regulations (like the […]

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  • Mobile Strategies for Your Community’s Millennials

    Everybody’s talking about millennials, and you might want to pay attention: Most studies place this generation in the 18-33 age range, so they’re included in many of your target markets, from college students to young parents and tech-savvy businesspeople. Are you ready to turn them (and the even more mobile iGeneration behind them) into loyal, […]

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  • Discover Your Apartment Chat Quality Score

    What makes an apartment chat conversation “good”? Many components of an effective apartment chat are subjective, but there are a few quantitative points you can measure and analyze to answer that question. That’s what our helpful new feature for quality assurance and training does: Chat Quality Scoring. What’s Measured in Each Chat & Why Contact […]

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    QUESTION: How do I upload/change the photos of those who answer texts and chats for our communities?

    ANSWER: Through the Contact At Once! Portal. Once logged into the portal, visit Provisioning (top navigation bar) and choose Provision Agent (left-hand menu).
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