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  • 7 Ways to Encourage Team Buy-in for Chat & Text Messaging

    As you might imagine, we’re big believers in instant messaging for the multifamily industry: mobile text, chat, etc. No matter how great a messaging solution you invest in, though, it’s only as good as the people using it. You need team buy-in. When a team values such digital conversations, each member tends to pay attention, respond […]

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  • Top Tips for Using Chat to Schedule Appointments & Tours

    Let’s assume that you’ve added instant messaging like chat to your community website, listings, social media and so on. What are your goals when a prospect actually chats in? Obviously, you want to provide a wonderful customer experience (quick answers to their questions can help). Many also use Contact At Once! chats and texts to accomplish […]

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  • 3 Ways to Fix the Holes in Your Digital Strategy

    Today’s consumers have almost more information at their fingertips than they can handle. They do more research than ever, including performing 11 searches before taking action on a real estate site. Google even calls it a “multi-screen world,” where 90% of consumers use multiple devices to accomplish a task (like searching for an apartment). If […]

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  • Why Property Managers Cannot Ignore Texting

    Texting friends and family is second-nature, but texting a prospect? A resident? That layers on the confusion, from etiquette to response time and more. You can’t ignore the need for a property text strategy for much longer, though—not with the way things are going in society: Change #1 – The Demographic Shift You’ve probably read […]

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  • 4 Tips for Better Leasing Conversations via Chat

    Have you ever dissected a leasing/sales conversation, pointing out what went well, where a different approach might have worked better and so on? It’s common practice in sales trainings, but they mostly are based on an in-person meeting or a phone call example. Today, though, digital connections like chat and text can be more convenient […]

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  • 5 Reasons the Guest Card Is Dying

    I’ve been in the lead generation business since 2000 when I took over the Internet department at Rick Case Automotive in Duluth, GA. Back then, it was my goal to capture the lead and sell that online shopper a car. In other words, it was my job to know the trends and habits of such online consumers. […]

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  • Turn Anonymous Website Visitors Into Identifiable Prospects

    Who doesn’t love a hot lead, especially one who called or walked in? These prospects are often highly informed and ready to lease, and you have them locked in a live conversation. That’s a beautiful thing. But. (And it’s a big “but.”) What about all those prospects who don’t reach out to you? About 95-98% […]

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  • 6 Ways to Give Your Follow-Up Process Some TLC

    I heard something alarming the other day: 60% of email leads typically don’t get a response in the multifamily industry. Now, not every inquiry you receive will result in a lease. But inquiries you don’t follow up on are almost guaranteed not to convert. As this Multifamily Executive article puts it, “Failure to follow up […]

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    QUESTION: How do I upload/change the photos of those who answer texts and chats for our communities?

    ANSWER: Through the Contact At Once! Portal. Once logged into the portal, visit Provisioning (top navigation bar) and choose Provision Agent (left-hand menu).
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